The great scape

There it is, folks.  The noble garlic scape.  It’s a culinary delicacy that appears on hardneck garlic plants around mid-June–a light green curlicue, which, left to its own devices, will blossom and divert the plant’s energy from the bulb growing underground.  They have to be snipped off to let the bulb continue to develop.  You’ll see them at farmers markets and co-ops for a couple weeks in late June, because they are actually quite tasty.  Pesto seems to be the most common use for them, if online recipes are any indication.  So far, we’ve used ours in a veggie stirfry and veggie tacos.  They also make beautiful bracelets. 🙂

The garden is slowly but surely growing and ripening.  The sugar snap peas are bursting forth, and I’ve already snacked on several, standing right there in the garden.  The spinach is massive and crying out to be eaten, so we heeded its call this past weekend and made a hearty stirfry (the same one we used the scapes in):

All of that green goodness is straight from the backyard (spinach, curry, scapes, and cilantro).

In other news, it’s time to vote for your favorite farmer’s market!  Go here and cast your vote in this contest by the American Farmland Trust.  They’re hosting the America’s Favorite Farmers Market contest to “raise national awareness about the importance of supporting fresh food from local farms and farmers.”

And that’s something we can all get behind.  Why?  If you need to ask, you need to see this movie: Food, Inc. Here’s the trailer.  It looks awesome, and I hope lots of people see it.


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