Welcome back, Food-Friends!

Whew!  Sorry about the sabbatical!  Around the time the last post popped up, both we admins gotta incredibly busy!   We were not too busy to enjoy some great new places, and create some killer dishes.  A few things are going to be taking place in the interim we’d like to share with you, loyal readers:

We finally got around to taking a joke and making it a reality.  A while back, whenever there was a restaurant we were jonesing to try we’d always refer to it as “A Bullet Point”.  I finally got around to making the bullet list and not only will we be trying our best to traipse our way through it, we’ll be posting reviews for your benefit.  (I’ll link to where some of the reviews have already been posted)

SEEDS!  We ordered some seed plants to get a head start on herbal goodness.  The plan is, she will be planting them and raising them in direct sunlight (My house is ridiculously dim) Once they take hold, they’ll be transferred to “the big pots” on my outdoor patio.  This will mark our first attempt at seed growth as opposed to our picking up various herbs etc. at the local Farmers Market.

FITNESS!  We’re training for a 1/2 marathon!  This is a first for both of us, and so we’ll be occasionally sharing recipes that we come across in our training manuals (“What’s that?  You advise eating MORE carbs while long-distance training?  Very well…I accept, sir.” ) and occasionally keeping you in the loop as to our progress.  (ICYC- We’ve been at it for about 3-4 weeks of slowly increasing progress.  She, has gotten past the 8 mile mark and has been cross-training to supplement it.   For my part, I’ve happily topped out at 5 with weekly increases…and weights.  I’m still closer to 200 lbs than I care to be, but hoping to get “leaned” up in time for the June race.)

Oh, don’t worry.  We won’t be turning this into a fitness blog.  But if you are reading here and have any tips or have ran a ‘thon, please comment away!  We welcome the advice/feedback.

That’s all for now.  I’ll be posting the restaurants later this week from our dream “bullet” list, in addition to a new review on a fancy little NE bistro that just opened down the street from us. 

Welcome back, friends!

(ps:  These are links to the Minneapolis Finder Forum.  If you poke around there and find a spot to add your own two cents in any of their forums, please do so!)

(pps: I’m only going to post the last few months worth of reviews.   A “*” will indicate one that we really liked)

Taj Grille- http://forum.minneapolisfinder.com/about11411.html

* Pizza Luce’ Brunch- http://forum.minneapolisfinder.com/about11469.html

Il Gatto- http://forum.minneapolisfinder.com/about11669.html

Shish Brunch- http://forum.minneapolisfinder.com/about11670.html

Pop! Brunch- http://forum.minneapolisfinder.com/about11820.html

* Bar Lagrassa- http://forum.minneapolisfinder.com/about11868.html

*Duplex- http://forum.minneapolisfinder.com/about12210.html

*Amici Bistro- http://forum.minneapolisfinder.com/about12360.html


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  1. Hey kids!
    I am training for my second half (to be followed by a third, then the TC marathon). I cannot recommend Jeff Galloway’s training enough. He is very wise in his post-Olympian years, and has made me enjoy running more than I thought possible. To be fair, I thought running would never be enjoyable, so he didn’t have much to top!
    Also, the races are so much fun. It makes all that training worth it!

    I shall add this to my blogroll…I look forward to hearing about more restaurants to hit!


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