Springing into action/In memorium

Wow.  I sort of epically failed by not posting anything last week about the “Fork the Fire” benefit for the owner of the Blackbird Cafe’.  (My humblest apologies to the foodies out there who deserved to know about it.  Future events such as these will be posted more promptly)

Long story short, many of you readers may have heard about how a fire gutted the popular Blackbird in SW Minneapolis.  Several restaurants and bistro’s  decided to hold a fundraiser on 3/14 by diverting a portion of your bill to the cause.  For our part, we met buddies at Cafe’ Maude for brunch.  I feel like we’ve posted a formal review of Maude in the past so I’ll try to keep it brief- Brunch at Maude was delicious, per normal.  I learned what “harissa” is and it’s hot.  (It’s in their hash) Their French Fries are delicious, and truffled thank you very much.  And the best part has to be their fresh squeezed orange juice which filled me with love…and vitamin C.   Hippolyta and I have placed Maude on our bullet list for dinner one of these nights (we’ve only noshed on apps late at night) so expect a more formal review in the future.

So yes, it was good food for a good cause and you just can’t beat that.  And buddy-time is not that bad either.

(Blackbird UPDATEhttp://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/taste/87709397.html?elr=KArksLckD8EQDUoaEyqyP4O:DW3ckUiD3aPc:_Yyc:aUUsZ )

In other news, I was just informed that LeeAnn Chin has passed away:  (Source:  http://blogs.mspmag.com/foodiefile/2010/03/leeann-chin-passes-away.html)  For many Minnesotan’s, Chins is a staple in the easily accessible Chinese family fare category.  At one point in my teens my closest buddies all were employed at the Brooklyn Center location (Now home of “Taste of India”)  Many a night were spent loitering after hours and I’d usually wind up with a few bags of Peking Chicken or the Chicken Salads to take home for free.

I confess that I haven’t patronized a Chin’s in a while, but I do have some fond memories of the establishment.


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