The Bullet List

You didn’t ask for it, but here it is anyway.   (List of restaurants we’d like to try)  Comment the system if you’ve been, or have any additional recommendations.  We’ll take all comers!  (Sadly, I had to self edit the list when I re-read it to remove the Birchwood Cafe’.  Insensitive me)

  • 112 Eatery
  • Om
  • La Grassa
  • Bewiched
  • Picosa
  • Oceannaire
  • Seward Café’
  • Ichiban
  • Kikugawa
  • Taste Of India (St. Louis Park)
  • Crave
  • Bar Lurcat
  • Burger Jones (me)
  • The Lyndale
  • Mt. Fuji Sushi
  • Namaste Café
  • Meritage
  • Broders Pasta Bar
  • Duplex
  • Chino Latino
  • Azia
  • Alma
  • Muffeletta
  • Szechuan (In Roseville)
  • Café Twenty-Eight

One response to this post.

  1. We can now cross off La Grassa, OM, Crave, Mt. Fuji, and Duplex! And Azia, Chino, Kikugawa, Oceannaire, Picosa, and Broders because we’ve been to them. Which is not to say we won’t go back. But I think the bullet list should be of new places we want to try, yes?


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