New restaurants and sprouting green

Hi ho!

We crossed a couple restaurants off the ol’ bullet list this weekend.  Our thoughts on Crave and OM can be found here.  We also wandered into Louann’s Diner for the first time, an innocuous little truck-stop-esque diner in NE Minneapolis, handily located between the gym and home.  They’ve got killer buttermilk pancakes, which they serve all day.  Good enough for me.  We crawled in on our bellies after an 8-mile run at the gym on Saturday morning, and were promptly nourished with some good home-cookin’.

In other exciting news, our seeds have begun to sprout!  I planted 50 peat pods with various seeds–catnip, thyme, three varieties of tomato, two varieties of broccoli, and bell pepper.  I went to Mother Earth Gardens in S. Mpls for the supplies–organic seed-starting soil mix, peat pods, trays, and plastic domes.  $20 later, I was ready to go.  I spent a sunny afternoon on the porch last Thursday, beer in garden gloved-hand, nestling the little seeds into the rich, dark soil.

Per the helpful ladies’ instructions at the gardening store, I placed the tray on top of the radiator and watered the planted pods, covered them with the dome to emulate a greenhouse-like environment, and let Mother Nature take her course.  According to my seed packets, some of them would take 5-10 days to germinate, others longer.  But lo and behold, a mere 3 days after planting, a good third of the pods have sprouted!

I’m going to have to thin the seedlings at some point.  This is my first time starting veggies and herbs from seed, so it’s a learning process for me.  Anyone know anything about this seedling-thinning thing?  I need halp!  Soon I will take the whole tray to my office, where it can sit happily under the florescent light on the underside of my cubicle overhang for 6-8 weeks until it’s time to transfer them to the garden!  I’m preparing myself to lose some of them in this process, and I fully anticipate still having to buy transplants from the farmers’ market.  But if even a few of the plants I started from seed end up feeding us this summer, I will consider this experiment a grand success!

That’s all for now, buttons!


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