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Get on out/Find your route

Well we have been gifted this year with some remarkably warm weather rolling around sooner rather than later.  (My backyard stretching to the garden is free of snow, and even the dirty piles pushed up by the plows are non-existant on my block.  Heck, the only ground cover that does seem to be pervasive is that weird looking “snow mold”.  For a while I thought a cottonwood tree was blowing…until I realized there aren’t any on my block.  Mystery solved) 

What was just as exciting was that yesterday marked the first outdoor run for me in 2010.   Up until I signed up for the upcoming runs,  jogging has been a mostly recreational fitness activity aimed at keeping the weight down and improving my cardiovascular system.  I had a rough estimate of how far my “route” was, using street blockage as the measure (And the occasional car-ride, watching the odometer)  Pretty slipshod all told.  However our ‘Thon training is requiring a change in how I usually do it, and when it starts getting to be closer to race day, “eyeballing” distances wasn’t gonna cut it.  Thankfully my co-hippo has been a research master and found this little website:

It’s free for all, recommends runs in your neighborhood/city, and let’s you map out and save your current running route.   It took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but I found it to be a helpful tool.  She and I “friended” each other and can send/recommend potential routes – All while getting the correct distances factored in.   I found a nice 4 miler that’s gonna help keep my current runs from being too hilly.  Yahoo!

In other training news-  We hit “Marathon Sports” in S. Minneapolis and had our shoes and walking “gait” examined.  They recommended an insert for our high arches.  It feels okay in my new shoes (I broke’em in on the treadmill at the club) but my “outdoor” trainers were a little too tight and gave me some wicked blisters.  On our drive back, we figured that we’re gonna hit a double “Lakes” run which gets you just past 6 miles.   

Then Sunday, we managed a nice 3.5 miles walk through the local parkway which parlayed into my first training run two days later.  (Approximately 4.12 miles by the MapMyRun website)  I’ll be really honest with you.  My legs were pounding.  I probably ran 80% of it.   Very hilly, my neighborhood.

In other tech-y news, my co-hippo is now the proud owner of a heart rate monitor/mileage dealie.  Apparently if you wear it on the treadmill at the club, it “talks” to the ‘Mill to give on ongoing status of your heartrate.  (Which was weird when she came over to talk to me and the HR monitor started flashing her heart rate.)

Lastly- Both of us have remarked that since we started training in earnest, our legs are feeling “springier”.  It’s nice to finally have our bodies start acclimating to the stress we’re placing on them

Next up- I’m gonna be trying 5.5 miles this weekend, and 6 after that.  We’re only a little over 6 weeks away from our first 10K!